The Lure of the Ruin

Paradox of the ruin

Dillon, B. (2014) RUINS. London: Whitechapel Gallery, MIT Press. p.11- Ruins embody a set of temporal and historical paradoxes. The ruins’ decay is a concrete reminder of the passage of time… At the same time, the ruin casts us forward in time; it predicts a future in which our present will slump into similar disrepair of fall victim to some unforeseeable calamity.


7 aspects of the sublime:

Darkness- Which constrains the sense of sight

Obscurity- which confuses judgment

Privation- since pain is more powerful than pleasure

Vastness- which is beyond comprehension

Magnificence- in the face of which we are in awe



GAMMA- by Factory Fifteen

Environmental Problem (Nuclear, radiation)

Political issues (displacement of people)

Meaning of ruins

A reminder of the universal reality of collapse and rot

Warning from the past about the destiny of our own


Ruin as a central idea

Black desert online- Valencia City, underwater abandoned ruins..




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