Imaginary World: Utopia and Utopianism

Utopia can be defined as a vision of a better world, not perfect, but the ideal and improved place of the present. The idea of utopia is often constructed by imaginary worlds based on the reality, in which some real-life difficulties are neglected.

Utopia – vision of a better world (not perfect)

Utopian – desire for a better world

Utopianism – evoke the propensity for what Lyman Tower Sargent calls ‘social dreaming’

Who created the utopian world? Which group of people are the aim of the benefits?

Fraser Muggeridge, 2016 – Language of Utopia


Utopia as blueprint/program

A concept of utopia as static, fixed and based on a physical form.


Writer: Ernst Bloch: The Principle of Hope

Utopia is the expression of HOPE.

Abstract utopias: wishful thinking, not accompanied by actions

Concrete utopias: anticipatory- willful as well as wishful: collective, with action

Intentional communities: home of social dreamers (Sargent, 1994) living together.

Reading: Britain’s Bread Riots





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