Exhibition Visit: Design Museum

Design Maker User” is a permanent display at the Design Museum, featuring various collections of contemporary design. The exhibition aims at audience of all ages and backgrounds, which tells the story of contemporary design in new and revealing ways. (Design Museum)

The core of design is a dialogue between the three participants: the designer, the maker and the user. The collection of Design Maker User shows how designer respond to the need of makers and users, how users consume and influence design, and how revolutions in technology and manufacturing transform our world. (Design Museum)


USER‘ – of “Design Maker User”.

The collection features designs of graphic, product, and technology based… etc., which as a graphic design student, it’s not only a great experience of broadening my knowledge in the history of design, and also got me thinking about the relationship between the three participants.



Typeface “New Alphabet” designed by Wim Crouwell, featured on Joy Division’s album “Substance”‘s cover.


My favourite design of this exhibition is the collaboration between typeface and music, which is shown by the New Alphabet typeface designed by Win Crouwell, featured on the album cover of Substance by musician Joy Division. The use of New Alphabet had introduced Crouwell’s experimental font at the time, to new audience and generation. The futuristic style of New Alphabet has already caught my attention when I saw the display, and when I further looked at the background of the design, it got me thinking about how ‘users’ influence the decision making of the ‘makers’ when they were producing the album cover.



A collection showing the evolution of electronic product designs.

This part of the exhibition shows the evolution in the design of electronic product, varying from radio player, kitchen appliances, computer, and camera… etc. The change in design of these products clearly shows how the designers and makers have to keep on improving and coming up with revolutionary ideas based on the users’ needs, which these three participants all together have gradually improve the life we have today.

After visiting the “Design Maker User” exhibition, it’s once again reminded me the importance of design, which my intention of designing any kind of product should aim to consider the targetted audience, see how it can possibly affect the people who will be getting in touch with it, and bring positive influence to the society.


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