The Japanese popular culture, Harajuku Fashion, had always been seen as a subcultural trend that wasn’t familiarised by the majority of society. In 2011, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu released her first promo single, “PonPonPon”, and immediately went viral worldwide. It didn’t take long for her to be the focal discussion on social media. Kyary as a central icon of Harajuku culture has brought a new perspective to the world of the ‘kawaii culture’ in Japan.

On 14th of March 2012, the Harajuku Pop Princess, Kyary released her second single, “Candy Candy” for digital download. For the single, Steve Nakamura is once again nominated to direct the design for “Candy Candy”‘s CD cover. As an art director whom was born in L.A. and graduated from Central Saint Martin’s, Nakamura has shaped Kyary as an Harajuku-based young artist, with endless possibilities of extraordinary styling, costumes, and make-up, that express something more than just ‘kawaii’.

The CD cover of “Candy Candy” captures the uniqueness in Kyary; the design captures her gore and fantasy done in analog fashion”. The song “Candy Candy” is about “a girl that always wants some candies in her pockets because of her sweet tooth”, which the mischievous expression of the song is clearly illustrated on the CD cover. The candy wrap on the artificial hair, innocent expression, along with the rainbow coloured outfit, and the irregular font type on the cover, all show the playful spirit of the song.

As a famous Harajuku based Japanese Youtuber Kumamiki once said, “We dressed up in a battle suit called Fashion, and express one’s self to live one’s unique life as one desires.” Kyary is more than an ordinary girl on the street of Takeshita Dori, not only her style, costume, and makeup but also her positive and enthusiastic attitude in her career, can all be witnessed in the song. The design of “Candy Candy” CD cover clearly expresses the ‘sweet and kawaii’, yet unique style of Kyary, making this single another must-buy on the list.



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