Voice and Authorship

In the morning session of CTS workshop, we were introduced to the topic, Voice and Authorship, as well as the UAL online library service. Interactive sessions were taken in order for us to share ideas among each other, enrich knowledge we might not have known before.

In small groups, we were first given with a list of different format, to discuss the credibility and reliability of each. Our group eventually sorted the five formats in: ‘Academic Journal Article’, ‘Book’, ‘Magazine Article’, ‘Wikipedia’, ‘Blog Post’, and ‘Tweet’, from the order of most to least credible.

Further more, each group was given resources based on the Russian feminist band, “Pussy Riot”, in different formats. Under the format of ‘newspaper’, my group evaluated the ‘who’, ‘when’, ‘where’, ‘why’, and ‘images’ of the article “Stars back punks who dared to take on Putin: OUTRAGED AT CAGING IF RUSSIAN SINGERS”, published on “THE SUN (England)”, with contextual information and critical comments.

Eventually, we came into a conclusion of this particular article on Pussy Riot, published by “THE SUN”, is relatively biased and low in credibility. Evidently, the author of this article, Lee Price, defended the band yet has not listed out other evidence on the opposed side; even more, the credibility is undoubtedly poor due to the fact that no references were given, and most examples of supporters to the band are well-known celebrities, which completely coherence with the past articles published by THE SUN- mostly non-evident articles or gossips on celebrities.

By the end of the session, I’ve learned and understood the reliability of different formats, definition of authorship and voice and their influence on the type of format used, and the functionality of the Library Search Tool for finding resources I need. We were also being introduced briefly to Harvard Referencing System, which we would have an in-depth session on it during the next CTS session.


Lee, P. (2012). Stars back Russian punk band who dared to take on Putin. [online] The Sun. Available at: https://www.thesun.co.uk/archives/news/813923/stars-back-punks-who-dared-to-take-on-putin/ [Accessed 22 Oct. 2016].



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