Computer Games Cultures: Determinisms

Technological determinism - Presumes that a society's technology drives the development of its social structure and social value. Cultural determinism - The culture that a society is raised determines the behaviours and emotions of the people.


Cyborg Cultures

Cyborg: A cybermetic organism/ a hybrid of machine and organism/ a creature of social reality as well as a creature of fiction The word 'robot' was not introduced till 1920s. Cyborg moves: unsettling the rules- focusing on woman empowerment. "The Cyborg Manfesto" - Donna Haraway, 1985 Movie1: Metropolis (robot: Maria) Artificial Intelligence (AI) Boundaries between … Continue reading Cyborg Cultures

This Means What?

In today's lecture, Andrew and Andrea introduced structuralism and semiotics to the class. The term 'Structuralism' originated in the works of Ferdinand de Saussure, an influential Swiss professor of linguistic. The definition of structuralism can be referred to what Terence Hawkes had once said, "The world is made up of relationships rather than things, constitutes the first principle of that … Continue reading This Means What?

Cut and Paste

The use of collage is an essential method throughout the twentieth century till now, considering modern era is overwhelmed by the appearance of mass production. Although people began to advocate and further make the use of collage popular in twentieth century, its appearance can be traced back to tenth century in Japan, which such technique … Continue reading Cut and Paste