Gaming Communities

The essence of controversies Gamergate controversy: An online movement that concerns issues of sexism and progressivism in video game culture, in which the harassment campaign is primarily conducted via #Gamergate. Started: Zoe Quinn and her ex. Community    


Computer Games Culture: Game Worlds and Genre

Prejudice in the game world: Specific races are represented as certain characters' in various games. Reading: Playing with Race: The Ethics of Racialized Representations in E-Games by Dean CHan War Games and the Contingencies of Historical ‘Authenticity’ Sports Games, Urban Spaces and ‘Pixilated Minstrelsy’ Action-Adventure Games, True Crime and ‘Other’ Narratives (Grand Theft Auto) Genre and … Continue reading Computer Games Culture: Game Worlds and Genre

Cyborg Cultures

Cyborg: A cybermetic organism/ a hybrid of machine and organism/ a creature of social reality as well as a creature of fiction The word 'robot' was not introduced till 1920s. Cyborg moves: unsettling the rules- focusing on woman empowerment. "The Cyborg Manfesto" - Donna Haraway, 1985 Movie1: Metropolis (robot: Maria) Artificial Intelligence (AI) Boundaries between … Continue reading Cyborg Cultures